My work is informed by the intangible memory that can’t be reached. By using common items found in domestic settings, the work deconstructs the difficulty of recalling moments from childhood and the ephemeral sentimentality that proceeds. This deprivation results in the creation of new recollections to substitute for the absence. I often find myself yearning to remember what I see before me, and, as if to make up for the disappearance, create new memories that are thus assigned to prior happenings. 

I explore the mark-making of imprinting that responds directly with my printmaking background, revealing a monoprint of a transitory entity. Beginning with water, dish soap, and air in conjunction with acrylic paint, the result is a print that embodies a painting, leaving behind an organic, microscopic residue. This experiential, experimental, and action-oriented process creates a direct relationship between myself and what I am physically doing, forcing me to reminisce about specific features from particular moments. From compulsory movements and meditative states, the marks formed from this arena produce abstract, semi-amorphic figures that allow me to assign memories to my actions. 

I relinquish my control, having no jurisdiction between the permanent and impermanent qualities; the air pockets float, settle, and generate spontaneous explosions that splash across a surface. Closing the gap between recollecting and releasing, I aim to construct a physical manifestation of a formation of a thought. Meaning is attached where it may be lost, triggering an emotional absence and an ache for what once was.