Landscape of the Mind

12 + 1 Emotions, Van Dyke Brown prints, 2015.

12 + 1 Emotions, Van Dyke Brown prints, 2015.

The Ways We Suffer

The Ways We Suffer is a video piece that was projected onto a collaged surface, contradicting the concepts of beauty and pain. Conveying how two individuals define suffering, The Ways We Suffer combines the two interpretations, and brings them together to form a single cohesive perception. A voice speaks overhead of a personal story- her own clarification of suffering- while a dancer portrays her understanding of agony through movement. The piece was cast onto a canvas, collaged with elements of beauty and brilliance, to serve as the hope in such times of anguish.  

In loving memory of Scott, Debbie and Mary Loveland.
Special thanks to Ragene and Louis Toarmina. 

Video: Ben Rifken
Dancer and Choreographer: Lexi Fuller
Voice: Sarah Toarmina
Music: Ólafur Arnalds’ Undan Hulu

"The Ways We Suffer" projected onto collaged canvas in the Engage/Connect Exhibition.


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